3.2: Development



This won’t apply to everyone but I go over some really important general points in this video.

This is all about ‘needing to do something to be good’.

The goal should be for everyone to grow up in a society that doesn’t impose expectations about what you need to be, but rather allows everyone to be just as they are. If you grow up being told to be something that you’re not, you will live your life feeling that deep down you’re inadequate – that you need to change to be good enough, because you’re not good enough just as you are.

Feeling like you’re not enough of a man can be formed from the shaming and rejection of your masculinity. This is a common problem in our society, formed from many factors including industrialisation & urban migration, the societal modelling of a female perspective of masculinity, and the shaming of men by some misguided individuals aiming for equality but missing.

Reclaim your masculinity, and reclaim your femininity if necessary; reclaim your full self, and understand that it’s ok to be you, because the opposite is the foundation of inadequacy.


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