Terms and Conditions

I often find that terms and conditions pages are written to be hard to read; so this is written with that in mind.

A lot of my content revolves around healing a deep-rooted sense of inadequacy, and in that process, accepting that you are good enough. When I first went through this, I accidentally became so concerned with myself that I neglected the concerns of others. Don’t do that. Always consider your actions on other people during this process, and the consequences of those actions: it’s easy to become so confident and assertive that you unknowingly turn into a bad guy. Don’t do that. Don’t ever become so confident in your needs that you ignore others.

Don’t forget that everything you do will have consequences – I became so obsessed with owning my authentic self and opinions that I probably made some friends think I was weird. It’s easy to get carried away with this, so be careful. Always use your brain and make your own decisions, being careful not to do anything bad. I definitely became overconfident, which I was not prepared for, and can have negative consequences. Even honesty can have negative consequences in some situations! So be careful.

Furthermore, don’t let anything I say overrule your own judgement. Usually, you know what’s best. Take my teachings as just that: information. It’s up to you to determine what you do with that, regardless of what I say. Don’t take my words as personal advice because this can set you off course in your life and create a whole host of problems!

Some of this information may cross into other fields, of which I am by no means an expert. So don’t do anything without the guidance of a professional in that field; again, I’m only trying to spread information. For your own sake use your brain.

I can’t guarantee that this website will be accessible 100% of the time because downtime and crashes are an inevitable part of running a website.

Furthermore, all products sold are offered with a 1-year lifespan and have no perpetual guarantees of availability.

By using this website you accept responsibility to use a legitimate email address, and to make sure that you receive our emails in a timely manner. I will not be held responsible for any emails that get stuck in your spam filter. You must check your spam filter!

You must be 18 years or older to use this website.

I may offer things for sale such as an online course or other information products. I will offer a 30-day money back guarantee out of goodwill and faith in the product. This does not mean you’ll have changed within 30 days. Change takes time (the course is designed to take 4-5 weeks to complete in itself!), and some people give up, don’t learn well, or don’t even complete the course, so it’s impossible to offer a guarantee of success. Success is individual. This website only offers information; what happens next is up to you. The information presented is not instructional nor advisory, therefore I accept no liability for consequences of your decisions.

Also, by using this website you accept the use of cookies. Cookies are little bits of data that track things like page views and user authentication, I use them to get some usage statistics like most commonly viewed posts, time spent on each page, number of unique visitors etc. as well as for user authentication. You can check out my privacy policy or learn more here: https://wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie

Although the best efforts have been made with regard to the accuracy of the information, there is no guarantee that the information will be accurate, complete, and up to date. It is frequently changed, updated, improved, and added to, therefore the information you view will not be a complete and final version and may be liable to oversight.

If a user is found to be abusing the service, I reserve the right to terminate their membership immediately.

Importantly: This website and all content associated with it, including but not limited to, the videos hosted on the website, and communications from me or the website, are exclusively for informational purposes. This is not medical advice. This is not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or any illness. This is information and education. If you somehow decide to do anything that involves your health, physical or mental, or future health, consult a medical professional. This is not legal advice, financial advice, career advice, health advice, or spiritual advice. This is information. If this information makes you decide to do any action which may result in negative consequences, including but not limited to any of the aforementioned fields, then consult a professional of that field first. I make no guarantees or accept any liability for anything, it’s all just information for you to determine what you want to do with it. Your results are not guaranteed because what you do with this information is exclusively under your control.

Use common sense, do your due diligence, don’t do anything bad. Ever.