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What’s In The Online Course?



How do fetishes form?

What are all the factors that could cause this fetish?

What parts of your life have caused your fetish?


In this section, you’ll gain a deep understanding of everything that contributes to the formation of a fetish. This is the first step in the process. You’ll learn about ‘subconscious inadequacy‘: what it is, how it forms, and why. You’ll also learn about the role of ‘conditioning’ in strengthening arousal over time, which can even stop fetishes from being changed. Lastly, there are two extra videos on fetish-changing methods developed by behavioral psychologists, which have shown clear success, despite their simplicity.



What’s the root cause of subconscious inadequacy? 

What parts of your life are reinforcing this?

Why has it got worse over time?

What are the things that are preventing you from changing?

This week is a step-by-step explanation of the root cause of the fetish, and the consequences, focusing on the ways in which it affects your life outside of this fetish, because these things will continually reinforce it, and the fetish will never change otherwise! Plus an in-depth solution to all of this, and a 3-hour bonus video of a method to deal with this, so you can stop this mechanism in its tracks and start to take back control



How did the root cause originally form?


What is the role of childhood in your fetish?

And what do you need to do about this?

What is the role of relationships (or lack of them) in your fetish?

What were your earliest experiences of relationships and dating or rejection?

What do you need to do to overcome this?

How can you have a healthy sex life with your partner or future partner?

This week examines your psychology. Childhood is the root cause for everyone. You’ll learn about the role of family, parenting, physical discipline, as well as not having privacy, attention, control, or security; all of which can cause subconscious inadequacy. Parents play a huge role in who we grow up to be, and by understanding all this, you can learn which ’emotional wounds’ you need to ‘patch up’, which heals the pain that the fetish sexualises.
You’ll also learn about things like culture, which have a huge influence on on our sexual desires. And for most people, relationships, long-term relationships, marriages, and even the lack of relationships are where this gets specifically related to this fetish. Being rejected or cheated on in the past can be a cause; so you’ll learn what to do about it. You’ll also learn common issues relating to sex life, such as the lack of sex in long-term relationships and marriages, and why your partner might not be sexually satisfied, and learn how to fix this and live a healthy, happy sex life.



How do you stop being controlled by porn?

How do you change your brain’s urges for porn?

How do you get the willpower to resist? (and why that’s wrong)

How do you increase ‘normal’ desires?

How do you fully remove your fetish?

What do you need to do to make sure it never comes back?

How do you get back to normal, for good?

First, you’ll learn about porn. You’ll learn the role of porn in shaping and reinforcing this fetish, and you’ll learn about porn addiction and being unable to resist porn – a common problem. This will give you faster initial results, and help you understand the role of porn in this fetish and your life, while also getting over porn for good so you can take back control and live a healthy, happy sex life.
The second part of this week is all about solving the deeper problem, psychologically, so you can remove the fetish at its roots (building on weeks 1/2/3) and kill the core (instead of living in denial and constant self-restriction). You will connect with who you really are and find authentic confidence from that.
The final part is about solving the problem for good so you can never look back, and move on to a new chapter of your life. You will learn methods to heal the subconscious, connecting with the root cause and releasing all the deep-seated emotions associated with it. This is what makes it permanent.




When you buy the course now, you’ll get 3 very special bonuses – a total value of £397 – included free!

Bonus 1: Links to 9 Hours Of Lectures By John Bradshaw

John Bradshaw was an expert in the field of subconscious inadequacy and these talks are a gem worth sharing. He only briefly mentions the link to fetishes – this is mainly just about the root cause itself.

Total Value: £199

Bonus 2: The One Habit That Changes Your Brain

Do you ever get stuck in your head? Do you have elaborate fantasies, or imaginary conversations? This video is about a powerful way to overcome subconscious inadequacy.

Total Value: £99

Bonus 3: Unlocking Your Inner Sexual Dominance/Confidence

A lot of people ask me ‘How Do I Be More Naturally Dominant/Confident In Bed?’. This is the answer. Become naturally confident and feel 100x better in bed with this video!

Total Value: £99

Contents and Video List:

When you buy the full online course, you’ll receive access to the following videos:


Week 1: The Science Of Fetishes

1.1: Conditioning
1.2: Subconscious
1.3: The Simplest Way to Heal Inadequacy
1.4: Behaviorist methods (#1 – Aversion)
1.5: Behaviorist methods (#2 – Covert Sensitisation)


Week 2: The Root Cause

2.1: Shame
2.2: Internalization
2.3: Control and Release
2.4: Disconnection
2.5: Self-Connection
2.6: Needs
2.7: Bonus: Non-Violent Communication (external link)


Week 3: Your Psychology

3.1: Childhood
3.2: Development
3.3: Expectations
3.4: Culture
3.5: Relationships And Sex
3.6: Attachment Styles
3.7: Self-Understanding


Week 4: Action And Permanence

4.1: Porn
4.2: Reconditioning
4.3: Willpower & Urges
4.4: The Self
4.5: Serotonin + Social Side
4.6: Externalization
4.7: Positive Internalization
4.8: Neuronal Gating

Each of these videos and the accompanying text should take between 10 minutes and half an hour to complete, meaning that each week should take a few hours in total. This is designed to be completed over 4 weeks, but you can take as much time as you need.

Extra Bonus: Ebook Bundle

4 PDF eBooks come included with the course (also available separately). Based on my original book ‘The Psychology Behind The Cuckold Fetish’, these books serve as a detailed look into the causes and effects of the cuckold fetish – and what you need to do to change. Total Value: £19.99 each, or £79.96 in total.

Book 1: The Science of Fetishes
How do fetishes form? What causes a fetish? Why you, and not everyone else?

Book 2: Subconscious Inadequacy
What it means about you. The root cause, your psychology, how it affects you and your life, and how to change the parts of your life that reinforce this.

Book 3: Childhood, Development, Relationships
How it’s caused in the first place. The parts of your life that formed subconscious inadequacy and your fetish. Overcoming them; healing the root cause.

Book 4: Change
Building on your discoveries in the first 3 books, this is a guide to change. You use what you learned to take the right action as it relates to you, and change your cuckold fetish.


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This is literally the best information I have found on the internet or even discussing the topic with various therapists. It explains so much and I am grateful!


Anonymous Testimonial

I wanted to say how much sense everything you’ve touched on is making to me. I’ve been to therapy for porn addiction And it was nothing but drawn out and left me wasting money. This is cutting to the chase and is great.


Anonymous Testimonial

I swear, before we even got to the ‘action’ part, my fetish was 80% gone. You were totally right about the insights being as meaningful as the action. It was like I had just snapped out of it. Thank you so much Connor, you are a wonderful being of light!


Anonymous Testimonial

I would just like to say I was very close to not purchasing the membership. I thought this couldn’t possibly help me. I am only on stage two and it has been three days and I am loving it. The information provided has taught me so much about myself. It explains why I am the way I am and will finally give me the ability to unlock my potential… Thank you very much for this very in depth and helpful material. Worth every penny.


Anonymous Testimonial

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