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About Me

Connor McGonigal is a researcher in fetishes and paraphilias, author of ‘The Psychology Behind The Cuckold Fetish’, and probably the world’s leading expert on the psychology of the cuckold fantasy (but there isn’t a lot of competition!).

A few years ago, I realised just how many people were like I was: unhappy with their fetish and wanting to change. I had studied this area for many years before that, but realised that this knowledge hardly exists in the public domain – it’s hidden away in studies and journals and books that aren’t written for the public (mostly). In fact, the public information is so poor that the internet is filled with misinformation and speculative opinions, with hardly any studies backing them up.

I started sharing some of this on an online forum and was shocked at the huge response to these posts and started to get messages asking for more. It seemed that there was actually a lot of demand, but people were just ashamed to admit it and ashamed to ask! Eventually, after sharing a lot, I got asked to do 1-on-1 personal coaching over email for a fee, and I discovered that this was such a common problem!

Once this first person got results, word got out, and soon the demand became too much – and that’s how this website started. With the initial aim of streamlining the email coaching process, this soon evolved into a place to teach everyone at once – as it’s far more efficient that way.

Not only that, but most of the information on the internet is simply opinions and random thoughts, with little backing it up. There are too many uninformed blog posts and hardly any collections of scientific evidence. As the person who actually read all the studies, I wanted to bring this evidence-based approach to the public.

The aim of this website is to reach EVERYONE that wants to understand the psychology behind their sexual desires, what it means about them, and how to change.

Currently, the focus is on expanding into other areas, as there are many other unpleasant fetishes/kinks that simply eroticize deep-rooted feelings, and there are millions of people that are unhappy with their sexual desires. Few people understand the extent of the negative feelings and limited self-belief that people go through.

In learning about your fetish you have the chance to deepen your self-understanding and transform into a better person; to understand why you are the way that you are, and overcome your limitations and deep-rooted obstacles to a happy, meaningful life.

My main aim is simple: I do this because I’ve seen the effect that this can have on people’s lives.

Thanks for coming to my website. I’m happy to have found you and I hope you are too.

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