Fetishes, Pleasure, And Pain: Specific Details


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This video is an exercise to reduce the pleasure you feel by this fetish, by reducing the pain that causes that.

We’ll go into the specific, surface-level pains that cause specific details of your arousal.

Fetishes Turn Pain Into Pleasure

For the cuckold fetish, it’s summarised as the pain of ‘inadequacy’ – but it’s much more than that.

The things that you find pleasurable WITHIN this fetish will be individual.

For example, perhaps you’re more aroused by a girl sleeping with her boss – and that’s your particular fetish-within-a-fetish.

Or perhaps it’s small penis humiliation which REALLY turns you on.

Some people with this fetish are into chastity and being denied, others don’t really get that.

Or, maybe you’re particularly aroused by being made to ‘clean up’ – lick up semen. Some people are; but others aren’t.

The point is this: everyone has particular things WITHIN the cuckold fetish which arouse them most.

That’s because fetishes turn pain into pleasure. And while everyone with this fetish has some sort of pain around the concept of inadequacy, we all have different OTHER pains.

Some people are particularly hurt by emasculation – being robbed of their manhood – and thus, they find that particularly arousing.

Others are especially hurt by the concept of small penis humiliation – and they’re drawn to that part of the cuckold fetish.

We all have different pain inside of us. That pain is what causes arousal.

Investigating Pain

This video is a walk-through in working out the specific pain inside you, and working out exactly why it’s so painful to YOU.

It’s a very quick summary of something much greater – which I take you through in my online course.

‘Pain’ is caused by any one of the following: fears, feelings, beliefs, focus, or associations. 

And often, your pain might be contradictory to your real life – you might have no idea why you’d feel pain about some things.

Individual Examples

If you have some pain about being made to submit while an alpha male dominates your partner, why do you have a particular pain about that? Do you for example think that all women want to be dominated? Or do you think it’s bad to be submissive? How did you form these ideas, and why? Too much porn, perhaps? (it usually is!)

Do you feel a lot of pain about the idea of your partner having ex-boyfriends? Do you think you feel more pain than most people? If so, why? What makes you feel more pain about her having exes? I had a girlfriend who would bring up her exes in conversation and openly compare me to them. That’s pretty hurtful! That’s something that’s going to create a bunch of negative fears, feelings, and beliefs. Especially if that keeps happening to you. Or if you had a girlfriend who would make threats, threatening to break up with you, or even threatening to cheat on you, which – if you’re not aware – is emotional abuse. It’s easy to get caught up in a relationship like that and not even realise the effect it has on you! But that would cause deep-rooted emotional pain.

If you’re aroused by the idea of a girl being a total slut, the pain is the idea of a girl being a total slut. So, why is that painful? Do you have a fear of that? Do you fear that girls are sluts? Do you fear that all women want sex more than a relationship?

One man I worked with had a really bad fear about his girlfriend or his future girlfriends lying about the number of people they’ve slept with. He thought that all women would lie about that and that he’d never know the truth. Obviously being lied to is a betrayal of trust, and if it was the betrayal that he was fearing, that would be eroticised in a fetish for betrayal like cheating. But more than that, he was upset about his belief that all women had casual sex and he’d never know the truth. His fears about female promiscuity were the main thing. He eventually worked out that this was caused by some bad past experiences, and letting the seed of doubt grow over many years.

It All Comes Down To This…

Most other people can brush off these things. They know they’re ridiculous; they don’t even think twice about them.

But, they start to affect people who have pain around the concept of not being good enough.

Whether that’s a feeling of inadequacy, or a fear, or a focus on being good enough, or a belief/association that inadequacy is particularly painful. Any form of pain around not being good enough is what causes someone to be more affected by these individual pains.

That’s why I made my course and the accompanying eBooks. It’s designed to take you through the process of overcoming this ‘subconscious inadequacy’ (along with the individual pains that come with it).

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