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On this website I offer an online self-help course aimed at those who don’t want to have this fantasy, or who want to understand themselves and the psychology that drives their actions. This is for those who want to take one step closer to being the person they want to be, to understand themselves and their psychology, and to improve.

I teach 3 very simple principles:

1. There is a cause.

There is a reason why you have this fetish. It’s not genetic. It’s not an unchangeable part of you. It’s caused by the mechanism that forms all fetishes – the eroticization of deep-rooted feelings/emotions. In this case, it’s the eroticization of inadequacy – it forms as a way to turn feelings of inadequacy into sexual pleasure.

2. This root cause can be healed.

You can heal this deep-rooted sense of inadequacy. It’s complex though; it’s originally formed in childhood, with many factors throughout development leading to this. There are also many present-day factors, which are probably making it worse right now. But, there are a few simple methods for overcoming this, and anyone can do it by themselves.

3. By getting rid of the root cause, you get rid of the fetish.

By healing this internalized inadequacy, there is nothing left to eroticize. The pleasure from this fetish fades away until you get to the ‘tipping point’, where the pain becomes greater than the pleasure. The truth is, for most people, cuckolding feels heartbreaking. It’s a very painful gut-wrenching feeling. There comes a point where you feel that, and when it gets greater than the pleasure, you are simply no longer aroused by this. 


My name is Connor McGonigal. I went through this myself, and I was determined to change. Unfortunately, the information was not widely avaliable and I believe that’s a mistake. I know how it feels; it’s not a good feeling. I want to help you understand that it’s caused by a simple mechanism which is under your control. It’s also an opportunity to look deeper into yourself, and unlock a new realm of self-understanding so you can learn why you are the way that you are, and improve.


Unfortunately, no-one wants to teach this. Partially because this is an embarrassing area – but also most people take the ‘just accept it’ approach. They want to make it clear that societal standards of what’s ‘normal’ shouldn’t force you to change. I agree, but that’s no reason to deny people the freedom to make their own choices. I took a stand after discovering these principles and applying them successfully, because I knew there were thousands of men out there just like me that didn’t want to learn how to accept it, but instead wanted to learn how to change and take their life one step closer to their ideal.



Online Course

The self-help course is designed to be completed over 4 weeks. It consists of a series of informational videos where I guide you through the entire process, start to finish.

Here’s the structure of the course:


Week 1: The Science of Fetishes

This section breaks down the way in which this fetish forms, as an eroticization of subconscious inadequacy, so you can have a deep understanding of everything that contributes to the formation of a fetish. I talk about other fetishes too, because they form in the same way (and you probably have others). I also talk about the role of ‘conditioning’ in strengthening arousal over time – studies show that conditioning can shape fetishes and even cause them. Lastly, I discuss the first thing people jump to when they want to change this, and why it’s wrong (and what you can do). There are two extra videos on fetish-changing methods developed by behavioral psychologists, which have shown clear success (but I personally don’t like them. They don’t get to the root cause, and offer no insight into your psychology or the rest of your life. I included them just because of the evidence, and it’s not up to me to decide what to include.)

Week 2: The Root Cause

This week is a step-by-step explanation of the root cause of the fetish, and the consequences, focusing on the ways in which it affects your life outside of this fetish, because these things will continually reinforce it and the fetish will never change otherwise! Plus an in-depth solution to all of this, and a 3-hour bonus video of a method to deal with this, so you can stop this mechanism in its tracks and start to take back control. The subconscious inadequacy that causes this fetish will affect your life in different ways, and it’s important to take control of those if we want to heal it. That’s what this week focuses on, as it’s the first thing that needs to change.

Week 3: Your Psychology

The original cause of this fetish occurs in early childhood (0-5 years old), where many paradigms are formed that dictate how we live our lives. There are also factors in development (5-18), as well as present-day factors that can form deep-rooted inadequacy, and that’s the focus of this week. Most importantly, i’ll tell you what you can do about it. Understanding is important but action is more important! I also introduce the second major solution.

Week 4: Action

Section One: Porn

In the first part of this action-focused week, it’s important to understand the role of porn in this fetish, because porn can be a big part of the problem. Watching porn when you don’t want to is a compulsive behaviour that will prevent healing, so we need to solve this practical side of the problem first, which will give you faster initial results, and not only help you understand the role of porn in this fetish and your life, but also get over this problem for good so you can become the master of your actions, take control of any compulsive behaviour and live a healthy, happy sex life. 

Section Two: The Self

The second part of week is all about solving the deeper problem, psychologically, so you can remove the fetish at its roots, which we studied in weeks 1/2/3, and kill the core (instead of living in denial and constant self-restriction). You will connect with who you really are and find authentic confidence from that.

Section Three: Externalization

This is about solving the problem for good so you can never look back, and move on to a new chapter of your life. You will learn methods to heal the subconscious, connecting with the root cause and releasing all the deep-seated emotions associated with it. This is what makes it permanent.
Then after week 4, there’s an extra 5th stage to summarise everything, go a little deeper, and direct you to further resources just in case you’re somehow still not satisfied.


Contents & Video List

Stage 1: Understanding Fetishes
1.1: Conditioning
1.2: Subconscious
1.3: Simplest Way to Heal Inadequacy
1.4: (optional interruption) Behaviorist methods
1.5: (optional interruption) Behaviorist methods (#2)
Stage 2: The Root Cause
2.1: Shame
2.2: Internalization
2.3: Control and Release
2.4: Disconnection
2.5: Self-Connection
2.6: Needs
2.7: Non-Violent Communication – external
Stage 3: Your Psychology
3.1: Childhood
3.2: Development
3.3: Expectations
3.4: Culture
3.5: Relationships
3.6: Self-Understanding
Stage 4: Action
4.1: Porn
4.2: Habits & Reconditioning
4.3: Willpower & Urge Surfing
4.4: The Self
4.5: The Externalization
Stage 5: Wrap Up, Delving Deeper, and Bonuses
5.1: Delving Deeper
5.2: Bonus 1 – The Wounded Inner Child
5.3: Bonus 2 – The One Habit That Changes Your Brain 
5.4: Bonus 3 – Unlocking Your Inner Sexual Dominance/Confidence


This is the process that I have identified and refined over my years of teaching.

It’s everything you need to know, to change your fetish from its roots.

Each sub-section should take between 10 minutes and half an hour to complete, meaning that each stage should take a few hours per week. This is designed to be completed over 4 weeks, although it’s surely possible to complete this in a couple of days if you’re crazy and do it full-time!


My full 1-on-1 coaching plan costs £1499.99 GBP, and the purpose of this course was to make a solution that is cheaper than that. In fact, it’s 91% less. The price for the full course, including bonuses, is £124.99 GBP.



That means you can get the whole course for £74.99 GBP by entering ’50OFF’ at the checkout page!

It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee: If you’re not satisfied, email me at within 30 days of your purchase and tell me why. I’ll refund you the money.

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