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‘…It was starting to affect me, my relationships, the way I acted in life. I wasn’t getting what I wanted. I always had a sense of shame about who I was. I thought I was just broken, damaged, f*cked up. Or at least different from normal guys. You made me realise that I’m not. I can’t express how much this helped me. This saved me.’
‘As a married 51 year-old… I had begun to accept that sex was for special occasions. The porn became my way to relieve stress. It got more and more hardcore over the years until I had the shame to look for a way out. Now, I’m a new man… Confident, proud, finally happy… and I feel like my wife hasn’t looked at me this way since we first met!’
‘Just wanna say thanks for everything. The way you explain stuff is so logical and step by step and i dont think i wouldve understood it if it wasnt. Looking back its deep as hell and i dont know how you managed to get me to learn it all but i did and i just wanna say thanks. Im smart enough to know when someone is telling me advanced stuff without making it look like that and i really respect all the work you put in to this’
‘I’m just writing to say thank you…
Honestly, i just wanted a normal sex life, normal porn, normal thoughts and feelings… It’s only 2 weeks after we finished and it’s like i have a completely new life. I know i’m not done yet, i’m probably only half way, but I’m only upset that it took me so long to get round to fixing it’