I’m genuinely excited to be releasing my course on healing this fetish – and subconscious inadequacy too – in the next few DAYS! I thought i’d give you this video first, for free, because I want to help everyone, even those who don’t like me enough to buy something from me.

I’m adding the final touches to the course as we speak! It’s designed as a 4 week course, consisting of a few hours of videos per week.

Week 1 is about the psychology of fetishes, how they form, what/why/when, and specifically about the subconscious. I also go over ‘classical conditioning’ which plays a role. There are also 2 very popular ways of treating fetishes, which have a ton of studies about them and are very successful, but don’t really get to the root cause; I just included them for those who want every angle covered, to leave no stone unturned.

Week 2 is about the way that your day to day life is reinforcing subconscious inadequacy, and the way in which it has distorted your life. By the end of this section you will look at your life in a completely new way, and realise what parts of your life are because of this. I also give information on what to do about this, so you can start right away!

Week 3 is about the original causes – going deeper into childhood, and also development, as well as culture, expectations, and relationships – all of which can play a big role. You’ll learn the original causes, and what to do about it.

Week 4 is all about ACTION! There’s a whole video on the way porn affects this fetish, as well as practical information on getting over it, and the two main ways of healing subconscious inadequacy: externalization and understanding ‘the self’. This section draws on the previous 3 weeks and wraps it all together with practical action steps to take.

There’s also a bonus week 5, which i’m just putting the final touches on. With over 9 hours of bonus content from other sources, and some more videos from me about further practical action, I’ve added this week to make sure that there’s no way you’ll be unsatisfied.

I used to teach this to people over email, which as you can imagine was very inefficient and took up a lot of time! I had to charge an exorbitant amount just to cover the cost of my time – £1500 each! that’s about $2000 USD… I hated having to charge that much, because I grew up pretty poor myself, and it felt awful to restrict this to only those who are rich enough. Then, one day, I had the idea of putting the entire course into a series of videos, and teaching everyone at once. That way, even though it would take 20x as much time, I could teach 100x as many people at once, and therefore I could lower my prices and reach more people, at a better deal for everyone!

So, even though it’s not personalised, it’s more than a 90% discount of the original coaching, with easy to understand videos instead of boring text. I’m excited to release it.


I truly believe that 100 years from now, unwanted fetishes will be a thing of the past. As much as everyone else is working on self-driving cars, virtual reality, and sending humans to mars… I think we’ll get there and realise that we’re still the same people, no matter the location, reality, or ease of transport. As cool as that is, the future I want is where we are better people, that are happy with who we are, and not living as slaves to our subconscious minds. People are the future, as well as the past, and the present.

I never imagined i’d waste days of my life masturbating to cuckold porn. I image you didn’t either. Yet, there are still millions who do, and who really don’t want to.

This is my mission. This is why I’m doing this.

Thank you for supporting me,

– Connor.